In these tough economic times, who’s got the money to travel? Plane tickets, cab fare, food, and hotel accommodations, will have you hemorrhaging cash faster than your dizzy and already depleted pocketbook can handle. Diagnosis: dead on arrival. But what if you could stay somewhere for free? Now, I know what you’re thinking: who wants to stay on smelly Aunt Francis’ pull out couch, the one with the stabby mattress and those pilled up sheets topped by questionable pillows that probably haven’t been replaced since 1987? Well, when in Stockholm (for the Nobel Prize ceremonies, of course), do as the Swedes do and stay at the Creators Inn:

What’s that? How very refreshingly anti capitalist and not in the least money grubbing of them to offer such nice accommodations for free? Well, there is a catch — you have to be cool enough to get in.

Creators Inn is a conceptual hotel within a hotel presented by Swedish clothing brand Elvine that offers free short term accommodations to people in creative pursuits. You have to apply, and unfortunately they state that clubbing is not a creative pursuit. Facists.
But stylish facists, no?

The Creators Inn is a constantly evolving free room, moving from location to location, and open for a short time only. This one was located inside the Scandic Malmen hotel, which is not too shabby itself:

But sadly, the Scandic is very unfree. So I’ll be keeping an eye on the Creators Inn blogsite for new openings, just in case I think baby Ike Mama needs to brave a bazillion hour plane ride to see Scandi design in situ. I’ll also have to get more creative and stuff, so I can be cool enough to get in.
Oh, and sorry to whip up your expectations for an awesome post by AB Chao today, but tune in tomorrow to see her shine. Here at DC we like to do a switcheraroo every now and then, just to keep you peeps on your toes.

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