Are you bored with your bathroom? Has it become… shall we say outdated?
Before updating your bathroom maybe you have some questions, after all renovating your bathroom will take time and you want to get your moneys worth.
Decorating your bathroom sounds easy enough. You have your toilet, your tub, a countertop, a sink and you’re done, right? Wrong.
Decorating a bathroom is harder than it looks if you actually care about interior design. Interior design for bathrooms involves much more than just where to put your toilet and tub.
Tips to bring new life to your bathroom

New Lighting: Simple and cost effective.
One of the most overlooked things in a new bathroom is the lighting, which is often the most cost effective way to add a touch of brilliance to your new bathroom.
Making it match or total make over?
A great idea for a cost-effective design plan is to decide on hardware that matches your current tile and counter tops.
Faucets: Standard or amazing?
The faucet is yet another simple upgrade that should not be down played. An artistic faucet is an affordable addition that will keep your bathroom looking amazing.
Here are 21 cool bathroom designs to get the inspiration.

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