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كتاب متميز بعنوان :: أفكار تسويقية و إعلانية john caples - advertising Ideas
Publisher: Mcgraw hill | 1938 | ASIN: B000QCVU9W | Pages: 214 | PDF | 148 MB

VERY RARE john caples ideas Book, A Practical Guide to Methods That Make Advertisements Work. Published in 1938.
The purpose of this book is to show you how to make better advertisements to tell you definitely and specifically:
- how top choose effective appeals;
- how to write headlines that are quot;stoppers
- how to write copy that sells;
- how to make all kinds of layouts;
- how to get attention by using brides, babies, animals, cartoons, comic strips, etc.;
- how to use sex appeal;
- how to use humor, horror, news, curiosity, and self-interest;
- how to introduce new products;
- how to sell several products in the same ad;
- how to handle contests, premiums, and free offers;

- how to build prestige;

- how to increase coupon returns;

- how to get orders by mail;

- how to make people follow your ads week after week and month after month, just as they follow a continued story;

- how to make advertisements achieve the primary purpose they are intended to achieve; namely, to sell more merchandise.

The method of presentation is the quot;case method.quot; One hundred advertisements that were outstandingly successful in producing results are reproduced just as they appeared in publications (except that color is omitted). These ads are taken apart and analyzed headline, layout, illustrations, and copy section by sections, feature by feature in order to show you how they work, why they are successful, and how you can take these successful methods and use them as your own.
For your convenience, the book is arranged as follows:
(a) The 100 advertisements are printed on right-hand pages, where you can most easily see and study them.

(b) The discussion of each advertisement is printed on the left-hand page facing it. This is to enable you have the advertisement constantly before you while you are reading facts about it.

(c) A system of reference numbers is used to tie up the text with illustrations. For example, if a large numeral (1) is placed alongside the headline of an advertisement, a similar numeral (1) is placed alongside the paragraph in the text which discusses the headline.

Important: There are definitive,proved reasons for the inclusion of every single advertisement. Mere opinions and personal preferences are not considered sufficient reasons.

Of course, there are hundreds of advertisements whose proved records of success entitle them to be included in a book of this kind. However, in order to keep the book within the limits of a single usable volume, it was necessary to boil the list down to 100 examples.

Here are some of the factors that have been used as guides in the selection of these advertisements:

- The sales directly traceable to individual advertisements, wherever this information was available;

- Coupons, sample requests, and other forms of direct inquiries;

- The number of box tops and coins received from advertisements offering premiums, etc;

- The number of entries received in the case of contest advertisements, with especial emphasis on enties accompanied by proof of purchase of the product;

- Mail order sales in the case of mail order advertisements;

- The tabulated results of asking thousands of magazine readers which advertisements they have noticed and read in current publications;

- And finally, the experience gained over a period of years through millions of dollars spent in testing advertisements to find out which sell the most goods. In other words, every recognized device has been brought to bear to make certain that the methods explained in this book are methods that work;

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